Case Study: Longsol's 5-year Tax Savings of $3 Million

IPTS achieves 5-year cumulative savings of $3 million for Longsol

Functional obsolescence impacts cost savings

Due to the large capital investment required to develop a utility scale solar array – including modules and balance of system cost – property taxes are the largest single annual operating cost.

However, like many advanced technologies, utility scale solar costs have dramatically declined – resulting in a significant loss in the fair market value of their tangible assets.


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Correct asset valuation leads to long-term success

Unfortunately, most assessor’s valuation models fail to address this issue, overstating market value and thus, the annual property tax burden.

In 2012, Longsol, an international owner and operator of utility scale solar developments in Europe and North America, engaged IPTS to negotiate and appeal their Texas property tax valuation.

Based on our annual comprehensive research and analysis of utility scale solar market metrics, our firm stepped in to help establish the correct fair market value of their 35 MW Texas plant, producing a cumulative 2012 – 2017 savings of over $3.1 million. 


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Additionally, we have worked with Longsol and the tax collecting authorities to negotiate, file and secure their annual property tax rebate agreement.

We help energy companies like Longsol save on complex property tax every day. Our extensive knowledge of state-specific laws allows us to help you where generalist consultants cannot.


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  • Our multi-year representation of Longsol’s Webberville, Texas plant, based on the diminished replacement cost of PV modules, has generated savings greater than $3.1 million.